The Sar pass trek, offering an absolute escapade, is recommended for beginners and moderate level trekkers.It routes through a series of scenic meadows and forests coupled with steep rocky terrain and long snow patches. The trek also tests one’s mental endurance. Trek route originates from Kasol to Grahan to Ratta Pani to Biskeri to Barshaini.


REPORTING TIME: Report before 5 pm at RK Ashram Marg


Batch 1: May 6- May 14 (seats left:00)
Batch 2: May 7 – May 15 (seats left:00)
Batch 3: May 8- May 16 (seats left:00)
Batch 4: May 9-May 17 (seats left: 00)
Batch 5: May 10-May 18 (seats left: 02) (Booking closes soon)
Batch 6: May 11- May 19 (seats left 00)
Batch 7: May 12- May 20 (seats left:00)
Batch 8: May 13- May 21 (seats left: 00)
Batch 9: May 14- May 22 (seats left:00)
Batch 10: May 15- May 23 (seats left:03) (Booking closes soon)
Batch 11: May 16- May 24 (seats left:11)( Filling fast)
Batch 12:May 17-May 25 (seats left:00)
Batch 13 : May 18- May 26 (seats left:00)
Batch 14: May 19 – May 27 (seats left: 00)
Batch 15: May 20 – May 28 ( seats left: 00)
Batch 16: May 21 – May 29 ( seats left: 00)
Batch 17: May 22 – May 30 ( seats left: 03) (Booking closes soon)
Batch 18: May 23 – May 31 ( seats left: 16) ( Filling fast)
Batch 19: May 24 – June 01 (seats left: 06) (Booking closes soon)
Batch 20: May 25 – June 02 ( seats left: 21)
Batch 21: May 26 – June 03 ( seats left: 07) (Booking closes soon)
Batch 22: May 27- June 04 (seats left:00)
Batch 23: May 28 – June 05 ( seats left: 02) (Booking closes soon)
Batch 24: May 29 – June 06 ( seats left: 25)
Batch 25: May 30 – June 07 (seats left:09) ( Filling fast)
Batch 26: May 31- June 08 (seats left:00)
Batch 27: June 01 – June 09 (seats left:25)
Batch 28: June 02 – June 10 (seats left:14)
Batch 29: June 03 – June 11 (seats left:00) /td>
Batch 30: June 04 – June 12 (seats left:00)
Batch 31: June 05 – June 13 (Seats Left: 22)
Batch 32: June 06 – June 14 (seats left: 25)
Batch 33: June 07 – June 15 (seats left:25)
Batch 34: June 08 – June 16 (seats left:21)
Batch 35: June 09 – June 17 (seats left:00)

WEAR: Comfortable warm clothing, boots, gloves, jacket, raincoat and sunscreen.


Transportation  Meals  First-aid
 Professional Guide  Accommodation  Permits
 Camping charges  Adventure Activity  Volvo Bus tickets and 3rd AC Rajdhani Tickets



 Bottled water  Personal Expense  Cost of emergency
 Meals during bus travel  Personal Porter Charges  Service tax 9%

Day 1

Pick Up from New Delhi for Manali

Bus Ride from New Delhi to Manali at 5 PM via Volvo Bus.(Meals not included during bus travel).

Day 2

Reporting at Rumsu base camp.

All the participants will report at Rumsu base camp by 8 AM. Freshening up and breakfast will happen at the base camp. Post breakfast all the participants will undergo registration process.

Lunch at 1 PM. Post lunch adventure activity (Rappelling/Rock Climbing). Once the activity gets over, we will go for an acclimatization walk. Evening snacks at 5 PM. Post snacks orientation for the trek will be covered. Orientation will cover all the general instructions that could be helpful for the trek like back packing, marching technique and medical awareness. Overnight stay at Rumsu base camp.

Day 3

Trek to Grahan village ( 6-7 hours)

The trek starts from the centre of Kasol and keeps to the true left of the Grahan nalah. The trail is easy and frequently used by locals.

The trail goes through lovely pine forests. The ascend is gentle and easy. One can effortlessly cover much distance in a couple of hours. After Grahan nalah the trail becomes rocky and climbing uphill, away from the right bank of the river. Buras (Rhododendrons) grows in the forest here. After a steep climb of about an hour, one reaches the village of Grahan, situated at the top. Overnight stay in tents at Grahan.

Day 4

Grahan to Ratta Pani ( 4-5 hours)

In the morning we climb towards the north of camping ground at Grahan. Villagers can be seen using this path for Min Thach. After walking for a while, one can see Min Thach, Nagaru, and Sar Top on the mountain to the right. The trail also becomes steeper and leads into the woods. The slope becomes steeper and the path is confusing in some places. After crossing the forest we arrive to Ratta Pani. Overnight in tents at Ratta Pani.

Day 5

Ratta Pani to Nagaru (4-6 hours)

Trek from Ratta Pani to Nagaru is a short but difficult part. The slope falls steeply to the valley. After crossing steep slope for a couple of hours, one finally reaches Nagaru campsite. Facing north, one can see magnificent mountains across the Parvati valley. Night is very cold due to the chilling wind. It is advisable to sleep early to avoid cold and the next day involves an early start.

Day 6

Nagaru to Biskeri Thach via Sar Pass ( 6-8 hours)

Next day we have to make an early start, as the climb is steep through the snow. Sar pass and the elevated peaks of the Tosh valley are now visible.

As one reaches the top, the view is exhilarating. After that the slide is the most fun and completely safe as long as some precautions are taken. The slide takes one as far as a kilometre to a gentler slope of the valley. Valley arrives after walking for an hour from Sar Pass. We will then continue the trek through some dense rhododendron bushes towards Biskeri Thach campsite. Overnight stay in tents at Biskeri Thach.

Day 7

Biskeri Thach to Barshaini and drive back to Rumsu base camp ( 4-5 hours)Return

Biskeri presents a sublime view of the pine forests, the majestic mountains and the lovely grasslands. From Biskeri we will descend towards Pulga village. The descend is easy and takes around 4-5 hours to reach Pulga. From Pulga we will continue to descend to cross Parvati river and then climb to reach village Barshaini. Jeep ride to Kasol base camp to Kasol.

Day 8

Naggar and Manali

Ride to Naggar at 10 AM. 60 mints window will be given to view all the historical places like Roerich Art Gallery, Naggar Castle, and Tripura Sundari Temple. Participants will then move to Manali. Two hours window period for Shopping and Temple visit in Manali. Departure from Manali to New Delhi via Volvo at 5 PM.

Participants can also go for Rafting after 11 AM instead of Naggar and Manali sightseeing. Rafting cost will be extra(Approx INR 1,000)

Day 9

Arrival at New Delhi.

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